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New New toy ordered. Toshiba Chromebook 2.
$279 at B&H (ends December 1):

Product Highlights

2.16 GHz Intel Celeron Processor N2840
4GB of 1600 MHz DDR3L RAM
16GB Solid State Flash Memory (eMMC)
Intel Integrated Graphics
13.3" TruBrite TFT IPS Display
1920 x 1080 Native Resolution (FHD)
Multi-Format Media Card Reader
Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260
Bluetooth v4.0
2 Years of Free 100GB Google Drive

Free shipping, also too.

Google's having a promotion where Chromebook purchases get 1TB of cloud storage for free for 2 years (a $240 "value") with a Chromebook purchase, so the Chromebook is almost "free". ;-)

It'll be 1-2 weeks before it ships.

One can get 256 GB SD cards, so one can have much more local storage if one wants.

It'll be my first Chromebook. I'm thinking it will be a much better fit for casual browsing, etc., than a tablet, and it's very hard to beat that price for a computer with a 1080p IPS screen. My Lenovo S12 netbook died a few weeks ago, so it'll basically replace/be an upgrade from that.

I feel guilty for ordering it today (it being Black Friday), but it was too hard to pass up...

New Got a Chromebook for the teen
$215 with shipping, reconditioned. It's really an amazing deal for what you get.

     New toy ordered. Toshiba Chromebook 2. - (Another Scott) - (1)
         Got a Chromebook for the teen - (drook)

This may also found a Chair at yer fav oyster bar and Chair-filling establishment.
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