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New Remote lighting
We're out of town overnight a great deal these latter days, and while the neighborhood is steadily gentrifying, that doesn't mean that Oakland's permanent criminal underclass isn't casting a covetous eye on these newly desirable properties here in Adams Point. Anyway, the primitive clockwork mechanisms to which we formerly had recourse in timing the ons and offs of our residential lighting during the latter decades of the last century seem inadequate as we confront today's cunning and resourceful lumpenproletariat, and so I have today ordered half a dozen LED bulbs (and hub) that can be controlled remotely from my new iBauble at need. The very high-end model bulbs can be adjusted as to color; the flavor I have ordered varies merely in levels of white (although the rainbow models may be added at need, or whim), but like the higher-end sibling, permits me to fire the individual units up from across the country at need. I will presently report upon the results.

New Your doggie "Killer" isn't doing his job?

Supposedly dogs are still about the best crime-deterrent that's been invented.

Let us know how the lights work out! I'm slowly replacing the incandescents and fluroescents in our home, but we're not looking into "smart" lights yet.

New Re: Your doggie "Killer" isn't doing his job?
I suspect that his appearance carries with it a certain deterrence effect, but the notion of an unfriendly human being falls very far outside the poor creature's Weltanschauung. It would no more occur to him to confront an intruder than it would to you or me to trample a toddler who happened to wander onto our premises. His likelier response would be "Hullo. Do you happen to have any doggie treats in your pocket?" About the closest I have ever seen him get to hostility to a human being is merely snubbing same.

I'm happy to have the deterrence effect, but since dogmo generally accompanies us when we're gone, I'm disposed to rely upon the simulated presence of citizens moving to and fro and lighting their way.

New sounds like my daughter's dog
and since his breed is naturally quiet - he barks maybe once a month - his usefulness as a burglar deterrent hovers just above zero.

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New Crime-deterrent deterrent
Most of the B&E variety miscreants up here now carry pepper spray as standard equipment. Unless you have a whole pack of dogs, they stand no chance.
New Wow. :-(
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