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New LG G3 specs released.

Looks good. A 5.5 inch screen sounds huge, but it doesn't seem that much bigger overall than my Nexus 4 (with a ~ 4.5" screen).

(via AndroidPolice)

New the article is missing an important piece of info
is it under $200 if not yawn
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New Four times the pixels of my TV

New Is it made by Apple?
If not, forget about it! :)

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New It'll be interesting to see what the 6 is like.
Apple's got the ecosystem down, and their processors are first-rate, but their display hardware is being left behind really quickly.

New Versus comparison.

In that comparison, there's little difference in the size. But to read some of the comments on the G3 you'd think it was a Nexus 7 or something...

(Who's hoping his next phone will also be a Nexus or Android Silver and have a reasonable price.)
New Review at Android Police.
David Ruddock.

Sounds like a very good phone, but not perfect (nothing is). The camera laser-focus gizmo apparently works very well.

I wonder if there will be a Nexus/Android Silver version...

My Nexus 4 was just updated to 4.4.3 and I wouldn't want to give up timely OS updates.

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