will prove rewarding to unravel. For me, the capsule evokes an interesting rubric (more advanced than some 'device'..) Just how might we expand our imaginations,
taking our local-Darwinian schema to a (this) world, believably?

Can we apply and also modify that local-insight, slyly enough? Hah!
(Mightn't that or similar query be one Buy This Book! honey-pot?)
I'm biased, of course--but it seems to me that demanding an attention-span capable of assimilating a few conditional clauses is not too high a price to pay
(saving short/didactic phrases for ordinary Action potboilers) though one can always insert a few at critical moments--isn't that where these belong?

Lay On McRand (don't need no steenkin robot-Dragons to purposefully upset certain presumptions of our current oft-retarded species, I wot.)