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New His ticket. his seat. his prize.
Pretty straight forward.
The kid lucked out and was overcompensated for the situation.
New Meh.
As a kid I went to the old Atlanta Stadium to see the Braves a few times. I vaguely remember them having give-aways like that as well. Trouble was, most of the time the stadium was only half full (at most) so it seemed like the empty seats won a lot of the time.

Point: The devil's in the details. "You must be present to win" is a common condition. Was he "present"? Also, if the team didn't care about people moving to different seats (as was apparently the case) then does tying a ticket to a seat for a give-away really make sense?

Dunno. It doesn't seem so cut-and-dried to me. Maybe he's being unfairly demonized, but he should have just let it go, it seems to me (at the moment).

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