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Nice job by the Red Wings organization, though. I read a comment from someone who claimed to be there and it said the guy was boo'ed out of the barn. As well he should have been. What kind of an asshole does that? No, wait, I know, a Boston transplant.
New confused
What asshole move was done?
New You need to have the sound on.
If you did, well...

New I did
Kid got video game while in wrong seat.
Seat owner shows up, gets game.
You talking about that?
New Yeah.
I can see both sides. But why wasn't he in the seat?


A comment here says the guy didn't want to be on camera. http://www.thehockey...gs-make-it-right/

I dunno. I wasn't there. I don't play video games, so I don't care.

It does seem to me like a cruel thing to do to a little kid. It's good the team and the fans made up for it.


New His ticket. his seat. his prize.
Pretty straight forward.
The kid lucked out and was overcompensated for the situation.
New Meh.
As a kid I went to the old Atlanta Stadium to see the Braves a few times. I vaguely remember them having give-aways like that as well. Trouble was, most of the time the stadium was only half full (at most) so it seemed like the empty seats won a lot of the time.

Point: The devil's in the details. "You must be present to win" is a common condition. Was he "present"? Also, if the team didn't care about people moving to different seats (as was apparently the case) then does tying a ticket to a seat for a give-away really make sense?

Dunno. It doesn't seem so cut-and-dried to me. Maybe he's being unfairly demonized, but he should have just let it go, it seems to me (at the moment).

New "Technically right" is the worst kind of right

New If management wasn't Out to Lunch
they'd have given the kid another X-Box (IOU or whatever..) Cost? -vs- all those Receipts ??

That it is common for people to switch seats (as mentioned) is the clue that the rulez Would eventually create such a lose/lose situation.
That should have been obvious.

Yes, the 'claimant' is a poo-poo-head, unable to switch-gears, given the emotional consequences all around--the Brownie Points for doing such should be worth more
--than any old corporate Toy (a mere thing.)
Just another MBA-in-training?
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