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New Not just in computers...
...every year, I help run a beer festival. (shock! horror!)

We have a tap room and a main room, and to avoid jams (and the spillage of precious, precious beer), we have a one-way system through the tap room.

The signs for this are literally half a metre high (this is in a church hall, so a main room probably about the size of a basketball court, with a three metre ceiling) and say simply "TAP ROOM" and "NO ENTRY". (For the avoidance of doubt, everyone who goes to a beer festival knows what a tap room is; even the worst drunkenlogic can figure out that if there's no beer in HERE, there must be beer in THERE)

And people still ask where the tap room is, and walk in through the out door.

I will be advocating for making these signs bigger this year. And possibly audible. Probably explosives. And fireworks. And dancing girls.
New Hand out badges.
Very large badges. With the simple text "Ask Me About The Beer Signs". Hand them out to people caught ignoring the signs and insist they wear them. Then charge them 20% higher on their beer.

People remember when their friends are given opportunity to embarrass them.

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