He packs a lot of information in his reviews, and its great to see an expert really put these gadgets through their paces. But I was hoping he would cover things like how good the GPS is, whether it can be used off-line, etc.

It's amazing hardware, and it's amazing what one can do with it, but at $400 for 16 GB (which seems to be 40+% used on receipt) it seems to be overpriced and likely to have a short usable life.

But it likely killed the appeal of the $350 LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition which has much, much more modest specs. And the G Pad 8.3 GPE seems overpriced compared to the "standard" version that can be had for $225 (and now is available with LTE from Verizon). DetroitBORG's review of the LG 8.3 is here -

Maybe the Nexus 8 will somehow make tablets more appealing to me. At the moment, they seem like amazing toys, but still incredibly limited compared to even something like a MacBook Air 11. Of course, a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard is much cheaper than an Air, but giving up on real multitasking is giving up a lot...

Not being a gamer, and not being addicted to movies, I guess I'm missing out. It gives me an excuse to wait some more I guess. ;-)