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New About CREDO Mobile.. any experience here?
From my POV, they have provided a platform for many Issues--in form of presenting well-written petitions, free of hyperbolic assertions.
(Of these, several have achieved enough support to actually achieve their aims, though it's near-impossible to accurately count ancillary supporting Orgs.
in some of these successes.) In some cases the success was unilaterally Theirs/(Ours.)

But that aside, wondering how their rates/coverage/service compares with the mega-monopolies. While I've no current intention of adding this expense,
I do wonder how their market share is doing, over the years and--in the end--if they are sufficiently and reliably supported to ... ... survive (?)
(If I next needed a comm-tether for some period, I'd call them in a trice: they have already 'delivered services' to me which justify that
(even were their short-term fees somewhat higher than some std pure-Vulture-based option.)

Sample of a recent communique (they keep their Self-ads infrequent and unmixed-in-with the agitation material: a decided Plus from my POV.)

Verizon killed Net Neutrality.

That's right—Verizon challenged the FCC and a federal court ruled that the FCC can't regulate broadband internet providers like Verizon the way it regulates phone companies...like Verizon. So the court paved the way for Verizon and other big corporations to block or slow your access to any website, application or service any time they want and for any reason.

It’s happened before. And now it may happen again.

One phone company is fighting to protect your right to an open internet—CREDO Mobile. If you want a phone company that's defending your right to an open internet, join us today.

Your choice of phone company makes a difference. CREDO Mobile has always defended internet freedom and privacy.

And we've never had a more complete lineup of the bestselling smartphones—if you haven't checked us out recently, take a look and consider whether today is finally the day you make the switch. When you join by January 24, we'll give you 50% off your monthly data plan for an entire year.* We'll even buy out your contract (see details below).

It's not just Verizon that opposes a free and open internet that treats all content equally. AT&T just announced plans to create corporate-sponsored mobile data programs, allowing AT&T and its corporate partners to push their sponsored media to customers for "free" while charging regular mobile data rates for non-sponsored content. That means a scenario would be possible in which right-wing propaganda from Fox could be free, while users would have to pay to listen to independent media like Democracy Now!

CREDO has always defended your right to an open internet. Since 2006, we've been fighting to preserve strong net neutrality protections and protesting corporations trying to restrict your access to information online—corporations like Verizon and AT&T.

And CREDO funds the movement for an open internet—with millions in donations to nonprofits like Free Press, the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and many more. In contrast, AT&T and Verizon have spent millions of dollars fighting against net neutrality and an open internet.

CREDO Mobile is as committed to your privacy as we are to your right to free speech. Just last week CREDO Mobile became the first telecom carrier in the wake of the NSA scandal to issue a transparency report, publicly reporting government requests for our customer information.

New J has CREDO/WALD for her long distance, likes 'em.
I gather you do as well.

CREDO Mobile is an MVNO for Sprint. If Sprint works well in your area, they might be a good choice. http://en.wikipedia....network_operators

As always, you've gotta check the details and understand the limitations of using a MVNO.

HTH a tiny bit.

     About CREDO Mobile.. any experience here? - (Ashton) - (1)
         J has CREDO/WALD for her long distance, likes 'em. - (Another Scott)

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