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New 3 more years
It will have the phone included and be part of a carrier subsidized offer. Then everyone will have them.
New Dunno. Carrier subsidies seem to be dying.
No doubt it'll be cheaper in the not too distant future (I expect it to be < $300 when production ramps up). But the carriers seem to be dropping overt subsidies.

Or maybe they'll be sponsored ala AT&T's sponsored data stuff - http://www.reuters.c...BREA050PT20140106 - (but you won't be able to opt out without paying a small fortune), or something...

Since I already have spectacles, I'm waiting to see how the prescription version work out, and for the cost to fall substantially, before seriously considering such things. But even then, it may be after retirement before I purchase one (I imagine lots of workplaces won't permit them for years). 3? Maybe, but I'd be surprised.

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