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New Design by consensus
I was directed recently to design a so-called “teaser” flyer for an upcoming multi-entity training symposium (we’ve been pulled into a lot of private/public events in recent years, most of them involved with coordinating regional responses to hypothetical crises and catastrophes). They didn’t have a catchy name for the event, which posits a major earthquake along California’s nervous-making Hayward Fault, followed by extended power outages.

“Dark Temblor” was no great shakes (heh, heh), I readily admit, but I liked my graphic treatment, which consisted of a semi-transparent state silhouette overlaid, as though paint-stenciled, upon a substantially cracked concrete surface, with the placeholder event title, the date in March, the exhortation “Save the Date!” and, running along the state’s diagonal eastern boundary, “Earthquake on the Hayward Fault.” My cutout here sent it to the rest of her committee. Word came back. They love it. Just a few changes.

You already know where this is going of course. “Dark Temblor” was deemed insufficiently descriptive. The new event title is quite amply descriptive, and in only fourteen words, four of which are twelve characters apiece. We need to include the logos of the major sponsors, and oh, what a merry time was had by all in determining the exact placement and the relative sizes of these chops! We’d better include the address of the event (the utility company is very proud of its state-of-the-art auditorium, paid for with money they saved by skimping on gas pipeline inspections). Oh, and a calendar! We need a picture of a calendar showing the month of March with the date circled in red! Work that in somewhere. And of course we’ll want a list showing the six featured panels, some of which have unnecessarily descriptive names, along with the names, titles and professional affiliations of the moderators.

Needless to say, had these elements figured in my original brief, I would have gone with a different approach (no, they love it! How do you come up with this stuff? —It’s the drugs). A formerly slick treatment is now cluttered with far more information than it was intended to bear. The eye is granted no respite, no repose. This isn’t a teaser, it’s a slut. I do so dislike working with committees.


New Or, dilute to mediocrity and ineffectiveness.
New I suspect that this illustrates (also) how it was that,
the original Declaration of Independence grew-like-Topsy from the first draft--draught? perhaps.
(I have this yellowed, crinkly copy of this rare document, y'see?)

Dear KIng George,

We, over here have now had (not enough, but) too much from You, over there.
We are dissolving this one-sided Partnership, forthwith.
Thanks for the fish.

The newly-United States of America

PS Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. We'll make even more of these.
Ed: tl;dr

New Brings to mind...
...this remarkable and all-too-rare example of corporate self-awareness.

This was an internal training video at MS:

New "Ha ha, yes we do that don't we?"
"Now add the goddamn bullets!"

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         Or, dilute to mediocrity and ineffectiveness. -NT - (a6l6e6x)
         I suspect that this illustrates (also) how it was that, - (Ashton)
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             "Ha ha, yes we do that don't we?" - (drook)

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