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New Incoming! Canon EOS 6D
Time to go full frame. The 6D hits the sweet spot of price and performance, whilst having something that's very useful to me: excellent (one might say class-leading) low-light AF performance. Not important to lots of people, but a boon to landscape toggers. GPS (including geotagging and route tracking) is a good feature, and wifi is just gravy. I like gravy.

I've also ordered the 17-40mm lens to go with it; a truly excellent bit of glass for the money. 77mm diameter means my current crop of filters will fit without issue.

Unfortunately I won't be able to carry forward my go-to landscape lens, the EF-S 10-22mm, because EF-S mount lenses don't fit on full-frame Canon cameras. They extend too far back into the body, and can interfere with the movement of the mirror. There are tales of brave souls using these lenses by locking up the mirror, or just chancing it, and let's face it, 10mm on FF would be awesome, but if you get it wrong, it's an expensive mistake-a to make-a.
New <green envy>Nice</green envy>
New Serious coin there. Enjoy!
New Just curious
Have you seen any images made with an EF-S lens on a full frame body? Separate from the mirror interference, the EF-S lenses project an APS-C sized image circle. If they even cover a full frame sensor, I would expect vignetting to be rather evil.
New Re: Just curious
I read this a while back:


and that sealed the deal for me.
New Neat.
But get more of your peeps to buy your prints so you can get a Distagon!



Have fun.

New Verra nars.
But I have my sights on one of these bad boys:

New !
"Depth of field at f/1.2 is a few inches (5 cm) at one hundred feet (30m), so extreme AF accuracy is required to make real use of the f/1.2 aperture.

The lens needs to be positioned mechanically within distances measured in wavelengths of light, so this takes a while longer than less precise, slower f/stop lenses."

New Tip of iceberg:
Check out Bokeh!
(only rhymes with bouquet?)

Jeez.. nothing is ever SImple--especially in (realizable-) optics!
The guy's argument for the (mere) 1.8 surely trumps -for 99%?- the near-perfection IF you MUST shoot ~half-an-ƒ-stop faster.

As for Perfection: my Questar™ Field-model (Serial #1--was the test-one for this 'new' model sans astronomical drive)
exceeded 'perfection': in its resolution of a STD binary-star (!) du jour.
Loved. That.
New Bokeh is an old friend of mine
New Certainly the most sumptuous guitar I've seen
--of the transistorized variety. And photographed more exquisitely than any.

But.. would Ibañez (or Segovia or ...) have approved of his Name emblazoned upon a, a..

I mean.. a (say) Vincent Chopper (!!) might evoke similar cognitive dissonance, at least within an order-of-magnitude. Y'know?

New Transistorized?
I just looked up the specs. There are no transistors in there. I was pretty sure that was the case... the Artcore line is made the old school way. I own one of these:


No transistors in it, either.
New Re: Transistorized?
OK--they aren't inside. It's gorgeous; unclear if it is a stand-alone acoustic instrument though, or becomes Live only via ...
external-transistors/or for retro-folk: vac. tubes all the way (?)

If it does Both?? ... sheer genius; maybe Segovia would have audited it==I stand corrected.
New it's not a great acoustic guitar
though perhaps if I were to put heavier acoustic strings on it might be all right, but it's not really an acoustic guitar in the way your bog-standard flat top is; it's got a piece of wood that travels all the way through the body behind the top to support the neck and pickups, and that severely curtails how loud it can be.

It's an electric guitar that has very different characteristics from a solid body electric because its body is far more resonant. This means that it doesn't handle loud volumes and distortion very well because it wants to take off into runaway unmanageable feedback. However, the floating bridge (it's a brass bridge on a piece of mahogany that rests on top of the soundboard and is only held in place by the pressure from the strings) and the quality woods do affect the sound made a little bit... but the simple truth is that pickups are more than 95% of the sound of an electric guitar. Still and all... pickups are just a magnet with wire wrapped around it a bunch of times, connected to the output jack with a couple of switches, potentiometers, and capacitors. In my rig overall, my amps are tube (I haven't used a transistor amp in years, and when I did it was an emergency where it was the only one available... I bought my first tube amp in 88 and never looked back), my distortion pedals are also tube driven, my crybaby has no transistors, there's one in my Morley fuzz wah (for the fuzz), there are transistors galore in my (analog) delay and flanger, and my tuning pedal is digital. I'd like to get a loop station, and that will be digital. Right tool for the job at hand is my basic philosophy on that; purity is for suckers when it comes to making nifty noises.
New I will add
that it does look amazing, and is the perfect guitar for coffeehouse and wedding style gigs.
New Use that all the time in food shots
But I'm shooting at a foot or less. DoF measured in cm at 100 ft? Insane! Or crazy-making anyway.

New deja vu ... shades of the Nikon ƒ-->F-2 daze + Warning
My dentist friend (in Naval Reserve--an affliction, I wot) found self at Cam Ranh? Bay [Vietnam Era that is] serving troops
--also running amok in The P.X. [Post Exchange==near-free Stuff! Everywhere.]

Consequently.. I made the procession through the 'Photomic' series of various modular (eyepiece + light sensors) etc. to my last:
a shiny-black F-2, the über Portrait 105mm ƒ2.5, a 24mm and others. Leather Nikon bag/box w/lens mounts!
(Note that today's mondo-Zoom lenses with pretty un-shabby specs-all-along their glide path: were still
just gleams in the inner-eye of the corporate-constrained optical-Whiz-designer.)
'Lectronics had not fully Struck. Yet.

Never would I have paid US retail for any of this, natch--when I finally unloaded years later: most-all sold for more than I'd paid
(I keep machines in proper fettle; habit from whatcha gotta do to do Big Science, etc.)

BEWARE: a one could ... lose wife/cat/house/BMW/Veyron! ... should the wonders of Optics Post-Grad Course-666 intrude and overtake
the endorphin generators and their ceaseless urge for further gratification-at-any-Cost.
ie. 'Intelligence' in these waters is as irrelevant as was Spock's ... in-heat as only Vulcans can Be--in the affair of
er? the Compromised Bethothed/then that duel with Kirk/thence.. his 'death'.
Shiny/Shiny--the new designer-Diacetylmorphine?

None is immune sez I, in possession of a mere mondo-oscilloscope of Canon/Nikon/Tektronix quality,
once sold for >$25K ..but I paid <$500..
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