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New Sounds like.. google home-fone of IU Prez, eh?
(You could even do a service for this likely overloaded pre-I/net-born academic:
have him make sure that those old records are promptly made available + the obviousness of 'e-mail ADDY' fubar.)

You possess the lore + certain-knowledge of the abysmal IT-IQ of all biz-majors:
this guy/gal may never have had explained, say "How >You< crack the whip before any Roll-out"
--and WHY you'd best Roll-back-In the previous, until a clue-by-four has edjacated the suckers.


(I may have a similar Logitech story ere long--my snail-mail letter to Prez is about to be sent off
--edited for civility yet with the distinct scent of some burnt embers of 'brand loyalty'. Etc.)

Cluelessness is defined (the Mega-Duh?) by some of the stuff which Intl Biznesses do
--all unaware of local customs (and the Rulez followed by in-Country competition.)

Academics? Maybe all of the above.
New It gets even dumber.
I spent the week-end on this and cooled down. The thing that sent me over the edge was that I had logged in using my old account on Monday of this week to see if the new bill for Spring 2014 had been issued. It hadn't. Then I get an email message stating that "unless the bill is paid in full by 11/25" my daughter would be disenrolled from all of her Spring classes. This is odd, I thought, because Spring tuition bills are typically due 12/10. That's when I discovered my account had been deleted (along with all my banking information) and caused the rant. I had opened a support ticket. The response was comical. I was told that only students could create web accounts, edit them and set passwords. If I had any problems with my account or using the web site, I should "contact my student." Now, my daughter is very bright. She got a Fulbright Scholarship to study in China. But she is most definitely not interested in IT at all. So, I replied that I did not think it was a good idea to rely upon already overwrought, overstressed students to perform routine web administration duties (i.e. creation and maintenance of user accounts). I further suggested that having students perform help desk duties for IU's web site gratis was perhaps a modestly unfair use of the students' time and energy. I also pointed out that I was reasonably certain the decision to delete my account was not my student's decision and that as such, it would have been a really keen idea to notify existing users directly that their accounts were slated to be deleted. A simple message on the login page would have sufficed. Finally, I said, giving students admin capabilities on a web site that houses parents' financial information was about the worst idea I'd ever heard. I concluded with, "There is no need to respond. If I have any futher questions about your web site and its functionality, I will contact my student."
New That is just about as awesome...
As some of our customers are about understanding "web" as they call it.

Don't you just "order it" and like 3 minutes later... it is all done exactly as you would do it and with all the bells and whistles for integration.

And cost $0.

Except they are being stupid from the other direction.

At least with our integration, accounts that were, are still and can be "recreated/recovered" mostly automagically.

Sorry for your trouble. Keep us posted on if they resolve you problems... (or not)
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                 That is just about as awesome... - (folkert)

My God, it's full of stars...
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