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New Always be suspicious ...
... of a treatise that suggests people just like you are the best sort of people.

As for the whole "innovation" thing, check this: http://scottberkun.c...s-of-innnovation/

New Re: Always be suspicious ... easy for us Marxists,
re. any of those club invitations.

An incisive 10 Myths list--brief and easily expanded in scope. Demonstrates: there Ain't no simple-assed 'Method'
... which works for just any wannabe-rich dunderhead (or groups-of.)
#8 re. 'Best Ideas Win? ... easily proven: I mean Win 3.0 had that dazzling Solitaire game.. then..
and now.. Doze 8. Made mucho-$B / pissed-off mucho-Billions / and they still won't Die. Ergo,
#8 Myth [x] Proven Wrong.

Cthulhu.. I Hates! the whole Idea of fucking-entrepreneur, that synonym for greedhead-in-a-Hurry.
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Do you know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I'll BEAT YOU WITH until you realize who's in command.
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