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New What he describes . . .
. . is typical of mobile devices, but 8 imitates a mobile interface, so, perhaps.

What annoys me about 7 and 8 is that if you slide a window to the edge of the screen it goes whole screen. I'd rather not have that.
New That too. :-/
New Aero Snap is brilliant
To the left or right, half a screen. To the top, full screen. Resize the top edge to the top, window goes full-height but doesn't change width.

I spend a considerable amount of time at work reading one document whilst writing another, and this makes things a bit easier.

Add the keyboard shortcuts for more awesome:

win + up: maximise
win + left/right: half a screen
win + down: minimise

This and Aero Peek are two of my favourite Windows features.

But if this kind of awesome has no place in your life, you can turn it off:


(it's the same for Windows 7 and 8, minor differences in the location of the mouse accessibility settings notwithstanding)
New Meh. It's annoying, too.
I've got Aero turned off on Win7 and it does that "full screen when the window touches the top of the screen" stuff. Like AG, I don't like it. I have to double-click the window top to get it back to the size I had it. (I guess MS thinks that desktop users have to learn yet another manipulation technique to do something that's been available since Win3 (if not earlier) so that they can tabletize the desktop.)

Double-clicking the windows top to maximize/restore to previous size is much faster than dragging it around.

But thanks for the explanation. I've "discovered" the drag-maximize thingy but didn't appreciate the others. :-)

New "Aero Snap" =/= "Aero", I think.
I'm actually on balance with PeeWee on this. Yes, it's annoying sometimes, but helpful slightly more often. Two things, though:

1) I've got "Aero" off too, I think (that *is* the silly transparent-windows Fisher-Price II interface from Vista, innit?), and the snappy-thingy behaviour still present in my "Windows Classic" theme. But following the instructions on the page Peter linked, I was able to turn it off. I'm guessing the snappy-thingy, "Aero Snap", can be turned off even if one has the ugly stupid "Aero" visible theme enabled (not that I'm even going to try enabling the latter). TL;DR: Aero Snap is not Aero; it needs to be separately disabled as per the linked page.

2) Another quick tip that might help: Contrary to Peter's perhaps overly-terse summary, I found that (at least on my StinkPad) Win-down first restores a maximized window to its previous size, and only then minimizes it on the next press. Likewise, Win-Left or Win-Right don't just snap the window to the respective edge, but on successive keypresses they cycle through the range of Windowed-center, snap-to-edge, other-edge, center... Left- or rightwards depending on which arrow key you use. (This thing is actually looking better and better -- Thanks, PeeWee!) The Win-Up/Down key combo doesn't cycle that way, though; there, you have to alternate Up- and Down-arrow.

Christian R. Conrad
Same old username (as above), but now on iki.fi

(Yeah, yeah, it redirects to the same old GMail... But just in case I ever want to change.)
New Thanks. Progress is good, but muscle memory is stubborn.
New Turning Aero off makes your computer go slower.
The compositing hardware-accelerated window manager has its wings clipped when running in "classic" mode. When Aero is enabled, the DWM can offload some work onto the GPU.

Desktop users probably won't care, but laptop users may see their battery life affected as CPU use is elevated slightly.

Note: you can't turn Aero off in Windows 8. Not that you'd want to, because it's better than what went before, and is considerably less blingy. In Windows 7 (i.e. on my work laptop), I have set the window colour to "slate" and turned transparency off, and that makes a lot of the visual silliness go away.
Expand Edited by pwhysall Sept. 14, 2013, 12:45:26 PM EDT
New DWM = Aero? Didn't seem so from the 7forum site you link to.
A few clicks on "related" starting from the page you gave us, there was something about how to enable DWM while not the Aero interface. OK, so maybe you meant that DWM = Aero, and Aero =/= Aero interface... Shit gets too confusing with MS naming conventions.
Christian R. Conrad
Same old username (as above), but now on iki.fi

(Yeah, yeah, it redirects to the same old GMail... But just in case I ever want to change.)
New Really?
Does it depend on the video chipset? My laptops don't have any fancy graphics chips. The Toshiba R835 (IIRC) has an Intel HD3000.



Verify that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows Aero.
Microsoft's system requirements for Windows Aero include:

1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit processor
1 GB of system memory
Graphics controller with 128 MB graphics memory, WDDM driver, and supports Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware and 32 bits per pixel color.

Apparently the HD3000 can do that (of course it is a shared memory chipset (64 MB dedicated) so...).

Hmm... I see MS ripped out the GDI hardware acceleration with Vista and later. Figures.

Maybe I don't actually have Aero turned off. I simply did:

Control Panel -> Performance Information and Tools -> Adjust Visual Effects -> Adjust for Best Performance (everything unchecked). (The Performance Information summary shows "Desktop Performance for Windows Aero = 5.9"

Under Personalization, I'm running a slight variation of the Windows Classic theme.

So, I guess Aero is running.

As CRC said, Windows naming conventions for this stuff is confusing... :-/


Thanks for the info!

New Re: Aero Snap is brilliant
sounds interesting, I dont want to turn it off if I can fugure out how it works and why
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