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New home cooking
There’s much I could say on the subject, but I’ll confine myself to observing that the marital endgame remains, 27 years later, the least fun I’ve ever had outside a dentist’s office. I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on it, but when I’m reminded, as here, the memory does not generally bring a grin to my weathered features. But this is personalia at a level of detail unsuited to this forum.

New Sorry.
New De nada.
It was all a long time ago. And if this development is good news for FreeBSD and open source generally, well then, huzzah.


[edit: dyslexia]
Expand Edited by rcareaga Aug. 9, 2013, 06:35:06 PM EDT
     this is the guy who nicked my first wife - (rcareaga) - (6)
         :-) Thanks. -NT - (Another Scott)
         I see: You are pissed off that he got to enjoy her cooking? -NT - (CRConrad) - (3)
             home cooking - (rcareaga) - (2)
                 Sorry. -NT - (CRConrad) - (1)
                     De nada. - (rcareaga)
         Neat... - (folkert)

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