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dad, all i want is one little tattoo, you dont have to pay for it (15yo girl) no, as I explained it many times that when you are 18 yo get as many tattoos as you want and you can pay for them. shriek!" I may not make to 18yo!!!" nasty pissed off smile "then I guess I bury you without any fucking tattoos" she runs off shrieking. First day back, I am dog sitting, trying to set up a home office and mj takes a break from all the needy fuckers and I am majorly pissed
Any opinions expressed by me are mine alone, posted from my home computer, on my own time as a free American and do not reflect the opinions of any person or company that I have had professional relations with in the past 58 years. meep
New Be happy she asked you first. :-) Hang in there.
My 16 year old got one and hid it from us for years. She's 22 now and was visiting over the 4th. Wore a bikini down to the lake and the fucking thing has been extended around half her body. When I saw it (it was the first time I'd seen any part of it to any extent at all), being the prick I am, I said, "Are you trying to pass for hillbilly? Why in fuck am I paying 30K per year for you to go to college? You don't need a fucking undergrad degree to be a hillbilly."

It could be worse.
New And things went great after that, amirite?

New rofl.
New You guessed it. ;0)
New I am beside myself with sorrow..
that I have yet-to preserve-my-Immortality via a DNA-implant {{sniff}} thus miss so many such chances to be confounded.
Especially when I recall [tale ensues]

Once stayed overnight at a 'summer-escape' cottage with my then pre-SO and her parents.
(I camped out on the lawn overnight, listening to KSL Salt Lake AM radio--classical music--via atmospheric skip,
on a hearing-aid-size vacuum-tube equipped tiny AM radio / stars everywhere.)

Earlier, the father had motioned for silence, we tip-toed.. he cracked door to her bedroom, where M. lay asleep / angelic-faced and epitomizing adorable yout.
This while I pondered Not-asking, as any testosterone-crazed yout Would:
Pssst, got any naked pix of yer daughter? and the rest.
[Maybe the extremely-rare actual-Parent of such a one, would have enjoyed the humor, but not this 'White-Russian' escapee/émigré.. fershure..]

'Course I had no such pix, but in such matters I possessed the usual Photographic Memory as cannot be erased. Natch.
But they had no tattoos to worry about, then. Nor other sharp objects embedded--nor ...

Luck on your daughter [and You!] escaping the Next interesting Fad.
May she get her 15 min. of Fame / a Crowd-sourced windfall? / which she parlays into a career that does not rot her mind. Against the odds.

New Mine has three
never asked permission, never asked my opinion, just went and got them. she says she did them all after she turned 18, but I can't prove otherwise. at least they're not big, but all are in publicly viewable spots.

Satan (impatiently) to Newcomer: The trouble with you Chicago people is, that you think you are the best people down here; whereas you are merely the most numerous.
- - - Mark Twain “Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar,” 1897
New Ermergerd?
Tats are socially acceptable now.

Well, apart from ones on the face. But give that time.
New Last year along the 710 freeway . . .
. . there was a big billboard advertising the Tattoo Show. The next billboard was advertising tattoo removal.

The way I look at it, in the current police state, I don't need any extra convenient points of positive identification.
New You, me and George Carlin
One reason not to get a tattoo is that a tattoo is positive identification. No one should ever do anything to help the police, especially when you may be the object of their interest.

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I'm picturing tablizer on a laptop dragging around a 486 whitebox running Linux attached to a really long extension cord.
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