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New It could be worse..

Go there. read this bitchin, Year of the Jackpot ... It's short.
You'll feel better about insignificant Stuff, I wot.


Ed: fixed rogue link, thanks to Scott's Good-version saved.
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New I realize that
I can't read the thing you directed me to, because it requires me to download something, but that's ok. I know there are lots of people with bigger problems than me. The problem that is the worst is the phone lines, but we have been troubleshooting it for days now, and now line 2 is having static. But we can't prove to the phone company that it's the line outside, at least not yet, so we keep trying.

I just felt like I had to vent about it and this was the safest place. Because all of this is happening along with my attempting to deal with all the problems my elderly parents are having. So it's just gotten more and more overwhelming by the minute.

Add to that, the fact that now Walgreens sent them a letter saying they will no longer accept mom and dad's insurance because it's Express Scripts, and the social worker scolding me today because my 83 yr old mom is still caring for dad by herself for the most part.

Shit! don't know what the social worker thinks I can do, I've tried about everything there is. I can't make mom change her mind about trying to keep dad at home. And if him constantly winding up on the floor and the ambulance or/police keep coming to get him up isn't enough to convince her, I don't know what is.


Thanks for the reality check, Ashton. Like I said, I was just desperate to vent. or maybe I was depressed enough to vent. One or the other.

When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
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New Check my comment below. It's worth a read.
New That linky seems to be a mass of Amazon links.
I've never seen anything like it - a 3086 page .PDF of apparently blank pages that wants to connect to Amazon whenever I change pages. Apparently it's a mass of spam.

http://www.scribd.co...ar-of-the-Jackpot has it.

It's still a good story. :-)

New I keep trying, but can't concentrate
Scott, Ashton,

Maybe I'm in the wrong forum for this now, but one of my huge frustrations is that I can't seem to concentrate on anything very long without really struggling.

I tried, I read until page 9 and then started getting overwhelmed. I'm not used to being overwhelmed just by reading something or watching something, or hearing something or trying to understand something or even just typing.

But that's what is happening, and it scares me, and I'm so stressed I can't think straight. I had wanted to post to you, Ashton, and ask some things about words that have only the meanings someone gives them, but I don't even know what forum to post it in...

Anyway, I'll try reading it again tomorrow, maybe. Right now I'm losing the point, and I know that's not what you want me to get from it.

Thanks to you both for listening and enabling me to get to the link without downloading.


P.S. It's not helping that it's got a lot about math and statistics in it, something I already struggle with. (sigh).
I feel like a melted-down owl between two slices of parent!
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New Do what you need to do to relax.
The story doesn't need to be read closely. It's not a murder mystery where you have to figure out the clues. The math doesn't matter. Treat it as if you were casually listening to people talk in a diner. Don't let the transcription errors distract you, either. It's a just a story with a message - basically take care of yourself and those you love, and don't worry about things that you can't control.

Hang in there. You'll get through this, too. :-)

New Sorry, picked from Googly this time
without verifying from previous. My bad :-/

Duh ..just to save a couple keystrokes.
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