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New If you have coax signal splitters, maybe try swapping them.
I had a situation at home where a bad coax signal splitter was introducing a lot of noise to a TV. You might have something similar and it is fairly easy to check. If all your TVs are about the same, check close to where the cable enters your house.

I've had good luck with the "Ideal" brand at Lowes.

HTH a little. Good luck.

(Who lived in a place where the phone would go out whenever it rained. It took over a year for them to fix the wiring on the pole for that, so he feels your pain.)
New Before that
Plug the 1 critical device into the direct non-split coax and see if it fixes the issue. Reminds me that years ago I setup a windows PC to test internet issues. I had a home brewed Linux based firewall/router which meant the cable company would quickly say: "Not supported" if I had any issues. So I always had the windows box around for support call testing.
New That too.
New no splitter
cable coming into the house for the Internet is dedicated, no splitters anywhere. The video quality is the same if I have the router between my computer and the cable modem or if I connect the PC directly into the cable modem.

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