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New On your last..
Oh, I've become almost Newbie-grade slothful on the 'log' readings and such!
(Were I forced, by some Court Decree + manacles to Do Doze Again (until probation ended)
I'd have to relearn that daily Necessary-paranoia.)

It's now just over 4 yrs. since the iMac landed. It has helped that You + IGM generally agree with your assessment. You are Right. It DOES Just. Work.
(But it took a year for me to rilly-Believe ... after all that Beast-conditioning.)

Oddly though (I thought) That, while the 'Diagnostic And Usage Messages' log retains the records of this Update and subsequent installation--the report of the Crash I mentioned above,
and which had presumably auto-corrected: deleted itself after a day or so.

This seems a bit short-sighted--in event, say that another similar Crash occurred a few days later? and one wanted to look for any correlations.

Guess they really Don't want us 'l33t Apple™ Users to snoop very much. Red Flag to those of us who want to acquire some sense of what is Normal and what indicates Abnormal 'operations'.
You don't have to be paranoid, merely to be curious.
I suppose that some CL efforts could alter the [Delete after X hours] # for Crashes.

But will let such things go ... ... until some event makes Me Wish That.. ...

New This stuff...
Doesn't matter until it does.

There is no clear cut thing.

Apple doesn't like people to know to much... and it shows.

Or have much skill fixing hardware... just replace it.

Its just one of those things.
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