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New If you find yourself getting them during heavy use
ie: watching video, pay attention to temperature.
If you run multiple videos in multiple windows you can probably drive it up and trigger the error.
Put a fan next to cpu (external to box, simply add airflow around it)(if possible, not paying attention of this is a laptop).
New Good advice.
A year or so ago I inherited a Dell E6400 laptop at work. It's a decent machine. I run 2 external monitors off it in a docking station while at work. When my office gets warm, it often throttled down and became a turtle - driving the external monitors is too much for the video chip while it's also working hard on other things.

I blew out the dust and got a cooling pad thingy for it (CoolerMaster NotePal U3 - http://www.amazon.co...oduct/B003ZMF27G/ ) and haven't had the problem recur (will have to see how it does this summer before declaring the problem 'fixed'.)

IIRC, Ashton's iMac had some problematic video issues for a while. More cooling may help quite a bit, but cooling an iMac probably isn't easy.

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