Ok. So, I've been putting up with Laggy Laaaaaagy audio from Videos being watched online. Even "live" tv streaming. Movies through the browser, streamed.

So, I have to correct my dislike of PulseAudio. I do like PulseAudio now that I've fixed my lagging audio problem with streaming through my chosen browser. I had problems with Videos on Youtube, Vimeo and other sites. Games that were played in the browser... other thing. All flash based.

Well, as we all know Chrome now comes with Flash as a plugin called PepperFlash. This is supposedly directly from Adobe.

Today, I played around and rename libpepflashplayer.so to libpepflashplayer.so.bak and manifest.json manifest.json.bak. Both living in the /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash directory. I then restarted Google Chrome and it puked on anything Flash.

Usually this is not a horrible thing as I usually don't depend on Flash to *DO* anything critical. It is just a nice to have.

So I symlink'd the Adobe Flashplugin (/usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so) to libpepflashplayer.so. Restarted Chrome... and voila. Its using the Installed Flash Plugin now. Now UofM (Blue and Yellow) Video Snow nor any lagging audio, in any location or task flash is used in.

Some I'm submitting a bug against Chrome for PepperFlash being fugly.