But especially the er, Existential Conundrum ... and the mechanical Solution of the
[not so much Smart-Interstellar Bomb-guy (and he as All-"guy" IMO)
--but a "Guy" programmed by Pat Robertson or any other Nut-Fundie du that jour or this one.
{{sigh}} yan illustration of the folly of Boolean Logic™ when attempting to Reason? about homo-sap confusions about the ineffable.

I too shall continue to marvel at the apocalyptic-DNA? basic-programming of the human Reptile Brain, and its role in [among Many areas]
the continuing disregard of the cacophony of today's Tocsins/Warning-Bells concerning [actually.. Not-concerning]
..the proximate Fate of the Planet VS trivialities like: numbers-in-some banker's storage device, generally believed to represent *Wealth.

All those billions of people ... perhaps expiring way-early? because of homo-sap's stark inability to grok to Fullness, Tom Lehrer's magnum-Opus:

We Shall All Go Together When We GO ... ...

* shades of Marley's Ghost, haunting the pecuniary brain-pans of all Vulture Capitalists--especially Ours. Little Rmoney clones, everywhere.
Asshole species.