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New I'm reading Red Dwarf
again. For the 10ish time.

I love comparing what tech he predicted vs what showed up for the 100% misses such as little mechanical droids moving pages of "data" around instead of networking.
New One of my fav sources of 'quotes' too..
But especially the er, Existential Conundrum ... and the mechanical Solution of the
[not so much Smart-Interstellar Bomb-guy (and he as All-"guy" IMO)
--but a "Guy" programmed by Pat Robertson or any other Nut-Fundie du that jour or this one.
{{sigh}} yan illustration of the folly of Boolean Logic™ when attempting to Reason? about homo-sap confusions about the ineffable.

I too shall continue to marvel at the apocalyptic-DNA? basic-programming of the human Reptile Brain, and its role in [among Many areas]
the continuing disregard of the cacophony of today's Tocsins/Warning-Bells concerning [actually.. Not-concerning]
..the proximate Fate of the Planet VS trivialities like: numbers-in-some banker's storage device, generally believed to represent *Wealth.

All those billions of people ... perhaps expiring way-early? because of homo-sap's stark inability to grok to Fullness, Tom Lehrer's magnum-Opus:

We Shall All Go Together When We GO ... ...

* shades of Marley's Ghost, haunting the pecuniary brain-pans of all Vulture Capitalists--especially Ours. Little Rmoney clones, everywhere.
Asshole species.

Law above fear, justice above law, mercy above justice, love above all.
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                 One of my fav sources of 'quotes' too.. - (Ashton)

I tried it. Little sweet explosions with disgusting texture. It was awful.
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