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New Yeah, I know what you mean.
Whenever a new MacBook Pro comes out I look at what used versions of the previous generation is going for at various places. Quite often, the price is only a few hundred less than the new ones.

I think, "Well, it would be foolish to buy the older one when the newer is more future proof."

But, I don't think - "Man, if they can get that much for the used old one, then they're being very smart. Rather than spending $2.5k for a new one every 3-5 years, they spend $500 every year or so and always have the fastest machine and are always up-to-date on the OS."

It's a hassle, moving apps to different machines, etc., but there are hassles the other way too.

Presumably, if Apple keeps updating their iOS devices at increasingly rapidity, they'll want to move to a lease-like subscription model, too. "Join Super AppleCare for a $500 annual subscription and trade in your iOS device every year for the latest similar version, ..." Similarly with their laptops, etc. Lock-in the customers on the hardware side, just as the software houses have tried to do for ages.

The MacPros are a different kettle-of-fish, though, because they're so expensive and so in-frequently updated. :-(

New I'll probably keep the MacPro for a good while yet
It goes up to 32G of RAM, 4 drive bays, 300 ports of various kinds. I'll just have to shift it from being a front-line development machine to something else eventually.
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