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New Getting scary for us non-Super users..
Doze-style glitches of above ilk, $Apple showing megalomaniacal twitches of World Domination ... :-/

And now THIS:

2x as many cores as my '08-spawned 21" iMac;
2.9 Ghz vs my 2.66 (likely not comparable between 2, 4-cores);
and 16/6 x my 6 GB (because the sucker goes all wonky with [2 x 4 GB] vs my [4 + 2 = 6])

Never mind graphics tweaks: the Bastards want Two Fucking-$G's NOW for a bloody 21.5" iMac!!
(Natch including Apple's flat-out usurious mem-prices all along, so a better comparo would be the 8 GB one.)

W.T.F. happened to the gradual/incremental Model price-reductions ... as seemed to be their previous MO?

Fortunately for me, after 2 events of "vertical thin bars" suggesting a flaky video board: no recurrences of the glitch (I also raised fan speeds a tad more, hoping that cooler guts IS better)

Now I wonder how much longer I can get by [2 versions behind] before Mfg-ordained obsolescence kills this sucker
--*I* need-Not any more Insanely-Great capabilities than Snow Leopard and, no way will I fork over $2K just to get a Fashionable iGreed-Mac.

So judging by your 7 yo Pro (which I shouldn't as, THAT is not "the World's biggest notebook!", so it's different)
--I might expect my '08 --> '15 [??]
Only: am I now in a How Much $$ WILL the Traffic Bear? corporate Greed-marathon?

{sigh} Guess I'll find out how well the 2-yo models track future-obsolescense (of the sort which keeps my '08 model at 6 GB / will recognize 8, but then become flaky.) Nothing would drive me to regress to Doze..


My L, SL, L and ML upgrades all went without a hitch.

Scott's just doin it rong.

The future is interesting for me.

I do love OS X.

But the hardware's getting pricy for the performance I want in the form factor I want.

I'm not even nearly there yet, but I can certainly foresee a return to Microsoft's tender clutches (Greg: you'll have to call me when Lightroom is available (and supported, before you mention WINE) for Linux; LR is a non-negotiable lack-of-it-is-a-complete-and-unequivocal-dealbreaker thing for me) if the largest iMac doesn't come back to the ~£1500 price point with maxed CPU and GPU, like it used to be.

(Aside: this prospect sucks a lot less than it used to. Windows 8 has a stellar UI now and it seems to have sprouted something resembling proper manual colour calibration. I don't doubt, however, that HP have contrived to ensure that their Windows printer drivers are just the same pile of arse as the OS X ones)
New WTF.
pwhysall typed:
Windows 8 has a stellar UI now and it seems to have sprouted something resembling proper manual colour calibration.
First off learn how to spell... its: COLOR

Second, STELLAR UI on Windows 8, is not exactly what I'd call it. See this: http://forum.iwethey...iwt?postid=368266 and my reply to it.

About Lightroom... if it ever gets ported to Linux... you won't hear it from me, you'll likely hear it from many others gleefully prancing around. I'd be happy with PhotoShop and the Suite with it. Not that the GIMP doesn't do well, just that its still feature incomplete.
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New Who needs Lightroom...
On Linux, Digikam has become very usable for the entire RAW workflow. And unlike GIMP, it is 16 bit capable.
New I need Lightroom.
Photoshop plugins. Integration with Elements (or CS6, if I ever decide I'm bored of having £600). Integration with my online services (Zenfolio, Flickr, Facebook, etc).

It's where my photos are. It's what I know how to use effectively. I'm interested in photography, not learning how to integrate a load of programs on Linux to kindasorta approximate a solution I've already got.

I had a massive sense of humour failure just trying to get the drivers for a cheap USB slide scanner installed (you know the drill - device made in china, software written by students, the whole apparently having undergone a testing programme that in its totality was "it worked once on one PC").

Computers in themselves are boring to me now (and I'm as surprised as you that I've arrived at this conclusion, but there you go). It's what I can do with them that's interesting.

BTW, I'm pretty much averse to both KDE and GNOME these days. Just looking at those digikam screenshots gave me hives. Who the shit wants buttons for "rotate right" and "rotate left" occupying space that could be used for your actual picture? Anyone shooting RAW has a camera that puts things the right way up automatically. Hell, a dedicated "straighten the shit out of my horizon" button would be more useful.

I had UBUNTU whatever-the-latest-is on my laptop for a while, and I didn't like it at all. Nothing specific, just an overall negative reaction. I must confess I wasn't terribly enthralled with the "added value" of Amazon search results when I was looking for things on my local computer.

Yeah, Lightroom is a dealbreaker. I know there are alternatives, but I'm simply not interested. My workflow is Lightroom. My catalogue is Lightroom.

TBH, I might just keep the iMac until it dies a few years hence, then just spend my share save (3 years from last month, will gross about £4K) on a second-hand 5D Mark 3, a 17-40 and perhaps a fast prime (<-- interesting), and review what the hell I'm going to do about a computer (<-- not interesting) then.

I was seriously looking at Chillblast (stupid name, good products) custom PCs yesterday. My main problem is my requirement for a single, massive monitor (27", 2560x1440) which seems to punt any decent system well into iMac price territory.
New Bah, Webster was just trying to be different.
Color. Ok.

Flavor. Ok.

Four. WTF?
New HA!
That is funny. Never thoght abot it.
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New I should have backed up, installed, restore
Except that my backup would have been fried because Lion doesn't like my external enclosure. So in a way it's better like this. I would have lost everything otherwise.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New The computer I want is $5K
Every year, no matter what the advances, or price drops, it doesn't matter. When I'm done configuring it, the computer I want is $5K.
New One advantage of Macs is they hold their value pretty well.
Or at least they used to.

It might be worth considering selling your existing one and buying a newer (but not new) one to replace it.

E.g. http://www.everymac....re=all-intel-macs

It's great to not to have to pay for computing boxes, but we all know that eventually the time comes. Holding on to something too long can be more costly than slightly more frequent upgrades.

Good luck!

New That's the problem I have.
This MacPro is worth maybe $400 on the open market, but it's got terabytes of storage, 9G of RAM, and so on. It really is a very nice machine.

Same thing with my 17" original MacBook Pro. I'd keep upgrading it but it maxes out at 2G of RAM, and it won't even run Lion.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Yeah, I know what you mean.
Whenever a new MacBook Pro comes out I look at what used versions of the previous generation is going for at various places. Quite often, the price is only a few hundred less than the new ones.

I think, "Well, it would be foolish to buy the older one when the newer is more future proof."

But, I don't think - "Man, if they can get that much for the used old one, then they're being very smart. Rather than spending $2.5k for a new one every 3-5 years, they spend $500 every year or so and always have the fastest machine and are always up-to-date on the OS."

It's a hassle, moving apps to different machines, etc., but there are hassles the other way too.

Presumably, if Apple keeps updating their iOS devices at increasingly rapidity, they'll want to move to a lease-like subscription model, too. "Join Super AppleCare for a $500 annual subscription and trade in your iOS device every year for the latest similar version, ..." Similarly with their laptops, etc. Lock-in the customers on the hardware side, just as the software houses have tried to do for ages.

The MacPros are a different kettle-of-fish, though, because they're so expensive and so in-frequently updated. :-(

New I'll probably keep the MacPro for a good while yet
It goes up to 32G of RAM, 4 drive bays, 300 ports of various kinds. I'll just have to shift it from being a front-line development machine to something else eventually.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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