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New Which kind of light?
It might matter... donchya know!

It COULD BE bigger than a bread box... for certain sizes of bread boxes.
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New I don't think that would have helped. ;-)
New Is the breadbox being oberved
as a wave or as a particle?

Do we know how fast it is going, or where it is?

Is it being carried by someone walking westward at 10 MPH on a train moving eastward at 20 MPH?
In the dessert, you can't remember your name
New Just give'em the de Broglie wavelength/have a beer..

     Will work for fools - (rcareaga) - (8)
         It happens everywhere... - (Another Scott) - (5)
             Which kind of light? - (folkert) - (3)
                 I don't think that would have helped. ;-) -NT - (Another Scott)
                 Is the breadbox being oberved - (mhuber) - (1)
                     Just give'em the de Broglie wavelength/have a beer.. - (Ashton)
             depends on the size of the breadbox and how close it is -NT - (boxley)
         Why not go all... - (folkert) - (1)
             I contented myself - (rcareaga)

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