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New Great testing
When I was wee tech lad, and had about 2 months of Xenix use/self training/customer tech calls, my boss decided it was time to test me. He was a Unix admin, classic nerd, with deep AT&T and Berkeley connections.

He went through and fucked up the system. He changed permissions, contents of driver files, removed critical files, renamed them, it was ALL OVER THE PLACE.

And then he said: Fix it.
New Hahaha...
I accidentally did that kinda stuff to myself on a production machine... accidentally.

I was *CLEARLY* in a testing environment on the OLD HPUX v8.02.something HP 817 machine.

I thought I was in root's homedir at the time. (whoops) In this particular machine with 8.02.... "/" was the homedir for "root"... and it wasn't 8.02... was 9.04f and on the new(er) box... CRAP!

Ummm yeah and its wasn't the old test machine. Whoops... all printing, data entry, workings... down while I called HP for support.

Surprisingly, HP had a script (on the machine already) to fix this. Seems I wasn't the only one to have done this in the past.
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