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New Hey Drook... NLVE of interest.
Appears there is going to be a reasonable "Professional NLVE" coming the end of November or Middle of December.

Available supposedly for both Intel Linux and MAC. Its still 32-bit, but is migrating to 64-bit... works with D3D on Windows, OpenGL on Linux and I think OpenGL on MAC. Supposedly the code is nearly (97%) OS independent. With the main reason Linux and Mac support delay was due to the re-write to get it a mostly unified code-base, to support the rendering/display to work multi-threaded using small amounts of external libraries.

The Free Version, to be released doesn't support *MUCH* of the stuff you want to support. Though for $60/year, you can have all that "Pro" stuff. Which seems to me to be a good deal.


I'm still using OpenShot, which still has some quirks, but works very well for the price point I have... ($0)

I might actually buy this new software, since it tickles my interest. I might also have to get a new PCIe 16x Video card for my 8-Core workstation (and upgrade the Memory to 32GB (maybe not the memory upgrade... PC2-5300, Fully Buffered, CL=5, ECC would be about $800!!!)).
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New Thanks for the pointer
I'm actually waiting for my Christmas bonus to possibly get an Intel Mac. I've already got Final Cut, but the G5 doesn't handle AVCHD, which is what the camera puts out.

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