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New Good god
I went to catch a friend of mine play at the University of Ottawa last night. It's not too far; Ottawa's about two hours from Kingston. Still, finding the venue turned out to be difficult: I got to really experience just how badly Apple has fucked up the maps functionality in iOS 6.

Christ on a crutch, that's all I can say.
New It's not a uniform fuckage.
But yeah, it's broke in places. It'll get better, I'm sure. Google Maps was all kinds of arse in the beginning, too.

They weren't going to stay buddies with Google forever.

I notice that just about everyone is ditching Google mapping. Facebook has switched to Bing/Apple/Nokia/AnythingButGoogle, for example. Endomondo have been switching to Bing for a while.
New Google's not that great either
this guy did lookup of a list of cities and towns in Ontario that at first glance look very poorly for Apple:

another guy decided to run the same list in iOS 5 to see how Google faired, it was about the same
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