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New The Mac has survived to the present day
It occurs to me that sometime last month marked the 28th anniversary of the day my then-spouse, who had already shot her credibility two years earlier by persuading me to purchase an Apple ][+ (a machine I came to loathe bitterly within half a year of its ill-advised purchase), tricked me into meeting her at the software house in Berkeley that employed her at that time. I myself was already on the payroll of Flatline, Comatose, Torpor & Drowse. When I arrived, she pretended to have a late meeting, and left me in an empty office with a first-gen Macintosh running MacPaint. She returned half an hour later. "Where do I sign?"

Three years later she had left me for a youngster who now, oddly enough, occupies a fairly lofty post at Apple, and I was actually making a full-time living on a Mac SE, an only marginally evolved successor to that original plastic tombstone. Since then, twenty-five years ago, I've made my way through a succession of loftier Macs, employer-underwritten until the disastrous merger in 2003; purchased on my dime thereafter. But hey, what the hell? The 2008 iMac on which I enter these sentiments is in every respect a worthy successor to the ungainly tombstones on which I cut my teeth so long ago. I had no idea back in 1984, in that office overlooking Shattuck Avenue, that I'd been introduced to my livelihood for the remainder of the game.

New Life is funny like that.
Serendipity for the win!

I think we still have J's Mac II-LC in the basement somewhere...


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         Life is funny like that. - (Another Scott)

My schaden, it is freuded.
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