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New Hmm...
I can scan to PDF from the epson scanner hooked up to my wife's iMac. Bonjour just effing works.

I could also just use it from the same scanner that is on my network at home

All of the MAC's see it. All of my Linux machines see it. And I just default installed packages on the recent linux machine.

I happen to notice that a program called "simple scan" happen to be installed... and it just worked with the scanner.

I then installed a better scanning tool... and I was able to scan to PDF a 750 page service manual and it just worked.

I've stopped fighting these Linux distributions... let them do automagic things and only change them if they don;t do what I want.

Literally AS, its only you resisting it. OSX and Linux just work with most if not all of your devices now. Windows is the odd OS out.

New <sigh>
     Revo Uninstaller is good stuff. - (Another Scott) - (8)
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             I use several OSes. ;-) -NT - (Another Scott) - (6)
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                     It takes time to find apps, learn new stuff, etc. - (Another Scott) - (4)
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                             Different beasts. - (Another Scott)
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A vacation you’ll talk about for years to come, at AA meetings.
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