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And you *STILL* use Windows after all that. Wow, you must really like to inflict self-pain.
New I use several OSes. ;-)
New Not myself anymore...
I refuse to use anything that takes me more time to make things work than I care to invest anymore.

I continue to be amazed that people like you STILL cling to Windows. I'm very much using Linux without any downtime... without any "thingies not working" time... without "damn this worked yesterday" time...

Seriously AS, I've *REALLY* had zero problems with my schtuff just working... and now that everything except iOS devices are considered "MTP" devices... everything just works. DLNA works. Bluetooth stuff works. WiFi just works. Just about any common devices just works... including OLD scanners and new scanners. Haven't found a cam that doesn't work.

I'm flabbergasted as to the amount of pain you allow yourself to endure.
New It takes time to find apps, learn new stuff, etc.
There are tradeoffs either way.

I looked around for a while for a scan-to-PDF option for the FI-5120C scanner that works with its ADF. There was a $150 OS X package - http://mac.brothersoft.com/fscanx.html SANE apparently supports it, but it's not clear what the workflow would be to scan 100 pages into a .PDF. My fuzzy recollection is that there were some issues when I looked into it a few years ago.

If the Winders installation hadn't been messed up along the way (user error on my part), the couple of hours I lost today wouldn't have been an issue. In most of this stuff, there's the old tradeoff among: 1) cost for a turn-key solution; 2) using existing knowledge for a task that I do occasionally, but putting up with Winders; 3) learning a new way of doing it under OS X or Linux, but then having to relearn it when I want to do it again months from now.

I don't do this for a living. ;-)

It's working now, so it's Good Enough™, for the moment anyway.


New Huh...
Our Brother came with software to scan to PDF for OSX. I can't remember the name of it, but if you install the Brother Control Panel (I think) there's an option. Then the computers with the software installed show up in the select menu when scanning using the "Scan to Image" option. Anything that gets scanned in shows up as a PDF in Preview.

I just did this the other night. No $150 software was required.

We have an MFC-295CN.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Different beasts.
The fi-5120c can scan 25 sheets/50 sides per minute, 50 sheet ADF, very good mis-feed prevention, etc., etc. It seemed to be the best scanner for the price - I think it cost around $600 at the time.

Fujitsu doesn't have OS X drivers for it. VueScan doesn't support it either.

The current version most similar is the fi-6110. It's $650 or so. It doesn't have OS X drivers either.

Newer scanners often have OS X drivers since OS X has gotten more popular. That helps Linux as well since under-the-hood they're so similar. But a lot of these more specialized tools often still only have Winders drivers. Unfortunately.

New Hmm...
I can scan to PDF from the epson scanner hooked up to my wife's iMac. Bonjour just effing works.

I could also just use it from the same scanner that is on my network at home

All of the MAC's see it. All of my Linux machines see it. And I just default installed packages on the recent linux machine.

I happen to notice that a program called "simple scan" happen to be installed... and it just worked with the scanner.

I then installed a better scanning tool... and I was able to scan to PDF a 750 page service manual and it just worked.

I've stopped fighting these Linux distributions... let them do automagic things and only change them if they don;t do what I want.

Literally AS, its only you resisting it. OSX and Linux just work with most if not all of your devices now. Windows is the odd OS out.

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