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New easy fix

I haven't run into any issues yet with Apple's new maps, knock on wood. I rather like their use of vectors and the ability zoom to any level. The use of vectors appears to allow them to load up a lot more data than Google's tile based maps.
New Thanks. But...
That fix seems to call up the browser and if the browser on the iPhone is like the one on the iPad, I'd prefer not to go that route (memory limitations, etc.).

Atrios adds emphasis to another issue with Apple's implementation - http://www.eschatonb...people-drive.html

Apple shouldn't be reinventing the wheel on this - or at least not pushing it out until it's ready. They should be adding value to Google's information, IMO, if they want to be in this space.

But it's good to have alternatives. :-)

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Trying to explain why the female wild vampires have 6 nipple rings for example.
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