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New Re: Microsoft reports first loss as public company
They lost 6 billion (clumsy isn't it) but they just put it out there, no scams, no creative accounting, no raptors (as they said at Enron)

2 points for honesty

New Why now?
For decades they've manipulated their cash reserves to make sure they always hit their estimates. Are their reserves to low they can't pull it off this time? Or, and their history makes me suspect this is just as likely, have they decided there's a strategic marketing advantage to being seen as not the 800-pound gorilla as they try to muscle into the mobile market.

New Ding ding ding!
This is my guess.
New Agreed
Their cash flow management is asskicking, and illegal, but the accountant who blew the whistle on them got paid off and isn't to be found. Their smooothing to hit estimates was obviously manufacturing numbers.

So why now?

Because they want to.
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