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New Nice!
I'm doing the same thing with my PS3. My set predates HDMI by a couple years and streaming devices I've looked at no longer support component video.

I've been using Amazon Prime for a month now and am quite impressed with the image quality of the HD content.

I got MediaLink a few years back for my Mac to serve up content to the PS3. Works fine for iTunes music, and non-DMRed video content. It even transcodes content on the fly if it's in a format the PS3 doesn't understand.

Haven't looked at ripping the locked movies yet, haven't purchased many because of the DMR issue - just shows like Outer Space Astronauts which weren't available any other way. All of OSA's episodes are now on YouTube at 1080p, the iTunes were only 480p, so I nabbed copies via YouTube5
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New So what service should I replace Netflix with?
We've still got it, but after Starz ended their contract with them it's slim pickins. I really don't want to have multiple services to get what I used to have through Netflix, but if they don't have what we want ...

New Re: So what service should I replace Netflix with?
I like amazon
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New don't know
I'm just getting into this. One of my goals is to replace DirecTV with antenna and streaming. I decided to try out Amazon first as I order enough from them that the $79 fee for Prime ended up being a wash as Prime includes free 2-day shipping.

They don't have a whole bunch of free content, but I've been enjoying it so far. Everything I've watched below is part of the free shows.

I didn't start watching Mythbusters until a couple years ago, so I've been catching up with the older shows.

I never regularly watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Farscape when they aired due to scheduling conflicts(in those primitive pre-DVR days!) and have enjoyed watching them from the beginning.

Started watching Sons of Anarchy, quite good. Only the first 3 seasons are free (I'm only halfway thru season 1 so it'll be a while before that's an issue).

Just finished the first 2 seasons of Red Dwarf. They've got a bunch of other BBC shows as well. The new Doctor Who episodes look far better on Amazon than they did when I watched them on DirecTV (where BBC America is an over-compressed standard def channel).

All the Star Trek series are there. TOS is the remastered HD version, Enterprise is also in HD. The others are SD.

Like ST:TOS, the Twilight Zone episodes are the remastered HD versions and they look noticeably better than the DVDs I have.

There's a bunch of free movies as well though I've only watched one so far, Forbidden Planet - I was quite impressed at the special effects.

I'd calculated before that dropping DirecTV and getting content off the air or paying for it via streaming or blu-ray discs would save me $800-900 a year over what I'm paying now. The reason I haven't done it yet is my old HDTV. It only supports component video and I'd like to set the DVR software up on a Mac mini, which wants HDMI. My HDTV does have a VGA port, it maxes out 640x480 and the Mac won't go lower than 800x600. Between an unplanned for hospital visit and a new AC unit the new TV is on the back burner.
New Speaking of ports ...
I've got to have the UVerse tech come out again. The volume sucks, and they're trying to blame it on the TV. Really? When it works just fine with the cable plugged in? Their "solution" was to plug in the component output to the aux input on the TV. Volume is better, but still not what it should be.

New That's odd
First google result for "uverse low volume" looks pertinent.

New Nope
Right in the problem report they say that the TV and uVerse boxes are both turned all the way up. So is mine. I've seen other posts where people were told they were too far from the home office and had bad signal strength. Not sure why it should only affect sound, but that's all I've got to go on.

New You want something like this.

I'm sure you'd be able to find one in the US somewhere.

Just Add Story http://justaddstory.wordpress.com/
New I'd looked at those before
they were very expensive at the time. Just checked and they're a lot more reasonable.

I've added this one to my wish list so I can review it and the others in depth this weekend as it's about time to head downtown to the office for our monthly meeting:


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