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New Re: Kevin Drum gets an iPhone 4S
Call Marian.
Which Marian? Marian Drum Work or Marian Drum Cell?
Marian Drum Work.
I don't see Mary and Drum Work in your address book.

"work" would have worked.

And later, when I told it to "Call Marc," it told me that it couldn't find "Mark" in my address book.

I've run into this with "Call Bryan" and it not being able to find "Brian".

The other odd one I've run into is "Call Joe". There's 5 in my contact list, but it only gives me a choice of 2 of them to pick from. Other names return more than 2, so it's not hitting a max.
New It needs an interative process.
One where the name matching fails so it asks the text-to-speech to pick a different interpretation (or even variant spellings). It also needs to learn when matches seemed best and remember those when it hears the same sounds.

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