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New Starbucks CEO to DC: You've been cut off
"I am asking that all of us forgo political contributions until the Congress and the President return to Washington and deliver a fiscally, disciplined long term debt and deficit plan to the American people," Schultz wrote in a letter that was passed on to members of the NYSE and Nasdaq.

The goal is to hit lawmakers right where it hurts: the pocketbook.

"All it seems people are interested in is re-election," Schultz told CNNMoney on Tuesday. "And that re-election -- the lifeblood of it is fundraising."

New Now if that thought can only ... go Viral! 'Make it So'

I could almost see voting for Palin Cthulhu in 2012 on the grounds that this sorry ratfucking excuse for a republic, this savage, smirking, predatory empire deserves her. Bring on the Rapture, motherfuckers!
-- via RC
New and if only
...if only the Koch Brothers and the Citizens United crowd will close their wallets.

I. Don't. Think. So.

Get real.

not at all cordially,
New 'All it seems people are interested in is re-election' ...
Such a rarity when truthiness gets a slogan, too. For a few seconds. (Not that it matters in a culture driven totally by lyingness and in the throes of secession into 50-or fewer feudal fiefdoms.)
As to Koch and the remnants of the '2000 USSC Presidential Electors--the New Fourth Estate--following the abdication of the Old Fourth Estate: does the exact progression of corruption/disintegration really matter?
The momentum appears inexorable, but then we physics types tend to counter the intricate bloviations of greedheads / or their allied Econ apologists, with certain simplicities:

Momentum = [ Mass x Velocity ] (a vector quantity.) It has 'direction'.
Energy [OTOH] = 1/2 [ mass ] x [ velocity-squared ] (Not a vector quantity. A scalar ==> Directionless, so to say.)

Analogously ... if (say) the "velocity of disintegration" is increasing, aka accelerating:
via the premeditated funding of forces intending to win/maintain [control] by methodically spreading confusion--via patently false semantic trickery (just sayin) ...

Then: Energy increases exponentially. And [the system studied] goes into that state of randomness (same idea as the "heat-death" of the universe, in thermodynamics theory) which we generally call: chaos.

Naturally there are many more colorful depictions, were we to cite Blake, Jung, the Gita or a bevy of Sages; English has such variety.
I'll stay with the physics of REAL 'Energy': its koans are tested every second. And plain old Newtonian concepts suffice to depict our most-likely denouement, though hardly illuminate the varieties of stuff in that thing we call chaos. Guess I'm willfully simple-minded about impending destructions--by any Means.

And simple-physics casts no illumination upon the problem of planetary changes, unattended by its most destructive / over-populated species of occupant: a matter destined to be addressed only ... as n-processes all reach their guesstimated 'tipping-points'--quite oblivious to deranged bipeds still adding zeroes to their imaginary 'wealth' as the water runs out. (Too.)

Rest case.

I had thought that this-all would take much longer; certainly not in my lifetime.. But the USSR-version should have been a sufficient warning about what 'accelerating disintegration' means. Yep, missed that, too.
I wish physics had some illuminating insights re the restoration of order/harmony (?) within impending chaotic processes; nothing comes to mind when you throw in such imponderables as,
"humans decided upon seppuku". Newton can't help us in that direction, so far as I know. Pity. We coulda Grown Up, but chose perpetual adolescence, bravado and limitless toys for distraction.


Ed: Found! my treasured scrap-of-paper, torn from magazine unknown, eons ago:
(Am sure this was presented in the Auld zIWETHEY archives ... way before there Was a Bush/Cheney monumvirate.)
Opposite side of scrap: part of an ad for a Kentucky Whiskey, Early Times ...

(Maybe a sentence lost before:)

Confucius was asked what he would do first, if it were left to him to, "govern the country."

"It would certainly be to correct language," he replied.
His listeners were surprised. "Surely," they replied, "this has nothing to do with the matter. Why should language be correct?"

The Master's answer was: "If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not meant, then what ought to be done remains undone; if this remains undone then morals and arts will deteriorate; if morals and arts deteriorate, justice will go astray: if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said. This matters above everything."

That's damn-near 'physics' wrought in language. IMO.
It's 2011: do you know where your children('s heads) are, tonight?

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