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New dual HDTV tuner for your network
I've been watching less and less TV of late and have been thinking all the money I send every month to DirecTV isn't worth it. The continuing low-quality (over compressed standard def) BBC America channel also feeding this.

And then, of course, the summer SyFy season starts up!

Anyway, I ran across the HDHomeRun. It's a dual-HDTV tuner that sits on your network. 2 computers can use it simultaneously to watch 2 different shows. If 2 tuners is not enough, just drop another box on your network. It comes with software for the Mac that will act like a DVR (DVR software requires a $19.95 subscription to TV Guide, but a free 1 year subscription is included). It also works with Windows 7 Media Center and I've seen references to people using it with Linux as well via XMBC and Plex.


I think that buying an HDHomeRun and paying for just the cable shows I watch (Eureka, Warehouse 13, True Blood, Weeds, Wilfred, etc) via iTunes (Blu Ray, Amazon or other) should cost less than the monthly DirecTV bill.

Main issue at the moment is my HDTV predates HDMI. It has a VGA connection, but is limited to 640x480. That might be good enough to test things out though...
New dont you need cable or other provider?
and if you dont need cable and want to watch ip streaming why would you need one? Maybe I dont get what it does
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Antenna -> HDHomeRun -> LocalNetwork -> YourComputer
New Looks easier than setting up a MythTV network.
But then once a MythTV box works, it tends to stay working.

I have never paid for cable TV, mostly because I can't really afford it. Initially it was also because the boxes were idiotically simple and gave you only an RF output instead of something decent, but more recently because every demonstration of the digital service I've seen has over-compressed video. And salesmen are just not capable of seeing this as a problem.

Fortunately with digtal OTA taking off in AU, particularly with multi-channeling, the networks are mining lots of programming that hasn't seen broadcast in years. #win

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New cheaper version w/out Mac software
If you're interested in using this with Linux or Windows it's $50* less if you buy it from Silicon Dust:

They also have a TECH version for $299.99. It's still 2-tuner, but supports enterprise site-wide multicast.

* the Mac software that El Gato bundles with it goes for $80, so it's cheaper to get their bundle if you wish to use it with the Mac.
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