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New 2 separate drives, or an earlier hybrid drive?
Mine shows up as a single drive.

From what I've read, the earlier hybrid drives required the OS to be involved, and apparently only Windows supported it.
Update: with more real-world testing under our belts, Seagate's Momentus XT is receiving our rare Best of Tom's award for excellent performance
Hybrid hard drives (H-HDDs) arrived in 2007, and they disappeared soon after because there was hardly any real benefit. Today, Seagate unveils a new type of hybrid that is similar to the initial H-HDD concept. However, the new Momentus XT does not rely on operating system support, and hence should be more versatile.

New An earlier Hybrid.
Failed miserably on installing OSX 10.6.something.

Went back to 10.5.6 and it also failed miserably.

Would not complete the installation at all.

Put a regular drive back in and it worked just fine.
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             2 separate drives, or an earlier hybrid drive? - (SpiceWare) - (1)
                 An earlier Hybrid. - (folkert)
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