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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New I'll have to try that!
The link doesn't work - I gather this is for a forthcoming entry?
New Yeah that's coming next week
It's still a private link, so only going to people I know for now. I'm going to tell my subscribers about it first, see if I can get a few other people to try making it before putting up a public post.

Fair warning: It took me several tries to get the hang of frying the cheese. Most important note is to not add the sauce until the bottom is pretty well browned, it's holding its shape well, and it's sliding around without sticking.

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         It's up. -NT - (Another Scott)
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             Yeah that's coming next week - (drook)
         So hey yeah, the video is live now - (drook)

Do we really have to hide from da cops in da oven, Muggsy?
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