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New Keep It Simple, Stupid
Your netmask is too big. Make it instead of and all will be well. Stop hacking your routing table :)

If you somehow need or want that big network, make it

Rob Nelson
New Not my idea. :(
I didn't put that entry in there, and I certainly wouldn't have put in that stupid netmask. The entry just appears and disappears on its own, and what's worse..I can't delete the entry.

&*$#(*&^ Windows.

Things are better now with the new firewall, though...it might have had something to do with the old DSL router, which used to be the first hop--it had a DHCP server built in, which I turned off, but--you just never know what 'off' means these days.
That's her, officer! That's the woman that programmed me for evil!
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         No problem here! -NT - (jlalexander)
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                         it means I must be slow here - (boxley) - (1)
                             Can't get rid of the .255 route - (tseliot)
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                 Not my idea. :( - (tseliot)

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