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New MS Access question
I am trying to get multiple & to display in a text box, without success.

Here's what I'm trying to display:

The way I understand it I should enter:

However that results in:

AADMNN&QUAL..PS060D09.PP&PP.&CY.BB (note last character changed to 2nd last character)

What am I doing wrong?

MS Access 2003, SP3

New As far as I know that should work
As far as I know that should work. For some reason it isn't picking up the double && on the one entry. I would try putting three & in there and see what happens.

I would also try copying the code into a text file, deleting it out of access and recreating it. I have not seen this on code, but I have seen cases where access's internal representation and the typed string got out of sync on queries.

One work around you can try is using chr(38) to add it directly.

New I thought so too
was wondering if it was not taking on of the ampersands as an operator (in error)
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New Text box or label?
Assigning the string with the single &s (i.e. the one that looks like the desired end result) to a text box works just fine.

Me!Text0 = "AADMNN&QUAL..PS060D09.PP&PP.&CY.BU" produces exactly what you entered.

A label is something else... what you are running into seems to be an Access 2003 bug. It works as advertised on 2000 and 97.

You could use a locked text box as a workaround... even saves the hassle of escaping all the ampersands.

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