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New Charts and graphs from data?
We use Cognos. Poorly.
90% of what we do in Cognos could be moved to a simple reporting tool.
Or OpenOffice (I think).
Or a perl graphing lib.

But what do YOU suggest?

I simply want to create bar, pie, etc graphs along with some pretty text.

Any recommended environments for reporting to generate these types of charts?
New How do you want to assemble them?
Google graphs are reasonably powerful, though obviously aimed at web pages.

There's a powerful graphing library in rrdtool; ISTR it's also available as a separate library. The benefit of using this is that it's highly scriptable. Munin does this.


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New Scripted if possible
Graphical interactive development of the page would be nice, but not required.
Ongoing outputs, processed on Centos Linux, that produce emails reports, that is the final goal.
New rrdt looks cool, but not for me.
It is targetted to time series data and doesn't do the charts I want.

Simpler charts. Pie charts. Bar graphs. Think charts for marketing executives who will review their data, as opposed to charts for techies to understand systems activity.
New It its simple you want
openoffice or powerpoint will do.

more complex, openoffice or excel will do.

Want to slice and dice your data, add regional info...try Tableau.


Think pivot tables on steroids. We used this to replace cognos.
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New Well
I want to have a method of creating MS-DOC files that contain many reports, graphs, and bits of text. I'd prefer to run it on Linux. The data for the graphs will come via connection to Oracle.

So basically I want to script the pulling of the data, the creation of the graphs, the annotations and additional text, and create a final file that MS-Word can painlessly read.

But after seeing Tableau, I want that. How much does it cost, and can it do the thing I want as well as all it's other magic. I'm waiting for them to get back to me on the price, they don't have the server price on the web.
New We are using a combo....
Of ImageMagick Perl and ASE's ChartDirector for Perl (and perlchartdir it provides), which is for pay... but relatively cheap if you are only using it in-house to produce charts and such. IOW, not redistributing it. Even then its not huge money.

Its what we use for our Dashboard Application and RealTime Charts and Graphs.

They come out real purty. Works well enough to look very good on the iPhone and other Mobile devices, as well as regular browsers.

While looking for an example... I stumbled across this. Seems to explain in the code what is needed... we dynamically provide the data (of course) and its just plain works.


Here is the Product page:

Here is a Forum, don't know how old, active or anything... its looks to have been active at one time and has a lot of good chewy details in it.

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New sweet looking
but wouldn't qualify to me as "simple".

I may get one just for me though, cause it is pretty cheap.
Sure, understanding today's complex world of the future is a little like having bees live in your head. But...there they are.
New Simple enough.
Its programmatic and it basically is a feed it numbers and a few param and out comes a PNG/JPG/GIF... etc.

We also use pdftk to make PDFs and manipulate them, Also the combo of ChartDirector and ImageMagick to do additional labels, conversions and so on, works out really well.
New You do realize ...
You definition of "simple" probably runs about four pages single-spaced. :-P

New With 1/4" margin, 11x17 tabloid.
Yes. Simple enough is Plenty good enough.

If you establish APIs/script to run this shee... its something like this:

make_purty_pie_chart "my Pie Chart effort" 1 2 3 4 15 65 47 9000 200

(hah... caught myself doing a mode change and colon wq)
New Nah
I was just reviewing one of the sample scripts.
It is SIMPLE. it is nicely done. And it works in a blink on my system.
This seems to be a good programmatic solution, and it only costs $99.
It still want yours though.

use perlchartdir;

sub createChart
my $img = shift;

# Determine the starting angle and direction based on input parameter
my $angle = 0;
my $clockwise = 1;
if ($img ne "0") {
$angle = 90;
$clockwise = 0;

# The data for the pie chart
my $data = [25, 18, 15, 12, 8, 30, 35];

# The labels for the pie chart
my $labels = ["Labor", "Licenses", "Taxes", "Legal", "Insurance", "Facilities",

# Create a PieChart object of size 280 x 240 pixels
my $c = new PieChart(280, 240);

# Set the center of the pie at (140, 130) and the radius to 80 pixels
$c->setPieSize(140, 130, 80);

# Add a title to the pie to show the start angle and direction
if ($clockwise) {
$c->addTitle("Start Angle = $angle degreesnDirection = Clockwise");
} else {
$c->addTitle("Start Angle = $angle degreesnDirection = AntiClockwise");

# Set the pie start angle and direction
$c->setStartAngle($angle, $clockwise);

# Draw the pie in 3D

# Set the pie data and the pie labels
$c->setData($data, $labels);

# Explode the 1st sector (index = 0)

# Output the chart


New I use gnuplot for my charting.
gnuplot is a script-based plotting package. http://www.gnuplot.info

There is a python interface for it, and I think a perl interface as well (but I won't swear to it). It's extremely flexible for constructing graphics (even publication-quality), especially when using the PostScript "terminal".

There is a bit of a learning curve with it, and it might be overkill for your needs, but lots of examples are available - http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net/demo_4.2/


New Any pie charts in there?
New Sure.
gnuplot doesn't do pie charts out of the box, but it's not hard to roll your own:


But you probably don't really want to use a pie chart anyway - http://www.usf.uni-o...piecharts.en.html ;-)

As an example of using gnuplot with a database, this might be helpful - http://www.linux.com...th-gnuplot-part-3 - I haven't done anything like that myself.

HTH a little.

New Not hard?
Ok, we have levels of pain in this thread.
Those gnuplot scripts move in desade territory.
New Yeah, it's a little obtuse.
gnuplot is a 24-year old program that is maintained via patches (the original copyright and license requires that - http://gnuplot.cvs.s...right?view=markup ).

A newer package that uses similar script syntax as gnuplot but is much more friendly to extension is pyxplot (and it includes pie charts) - http://pyxplot.org.u...bution/index.html [Thanks for giving me the incentive to look into this - pyxplot looks like a very nice package, though it uses LATeX and would have a learning curve for me.]

gnuplot fits with the way I work, but has a learning curve.

I see there's a CPAN module for doing gnuplot charts with perl, and a pie chart module for that - http://kobesearch.cp.../Gnuplot/Pie.html That seems like a nice package, but I haven't used it myself, and I can't find an example.

Another package that might fit your needs better than gnuplot is matplotlib for python. It does pie charts out of the box.


Since it does more out of the box, it's a bigger package with more dependencies, but prebuilt binaries are available. http://matplotlib.so...s/installing.html

Whether it's a good fit for you, I can't say. But it does plotting very very well.

HTH a little.

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