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New Interesting
I caved and installed Oracle to checkout the performance, as compared to Postgresql and Mysql.
It's about 20 times faster for the simple stuff, and hundreds times faster for the complex stuff.
Looks like I'm gonna write a big check.
New did you look at db2?
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New Is 10g XE not an option? (I know little about DBs).
New Nope
Got about 8GB of data and 100GB of indexes.
Plus, it doesn't do bitmapped indexes.

New Did you do any tuning on Postgres?
The default settings have gotten better, but there's a lot you can do with buffer sizes and so on that speed it up considerably.

IIRC, there's also an in-memory version of MySQL; depends on how big your working set is, I guess.

-scott anderson

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New Yup
I gave it around 900MB to play with at one point.
I rarely hit disk.
It simply did things differenty from Oracle.
And it was much faster than MySQL.
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