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New Let this be a warning to other tech discussion groups.
You start letting women into your group the guys start losing interest in talking tech. It's extremely viral - just one or two is enough, three and tech talk will fade out in a matter of weeks.

My advice - if you have a tech discussion group, find some women. Volunteers are best, but I know some of you techies out there will have to pay - but it's still worth it.

Of course this is a little hard on those who think logic has important meaning, but hey, they brought it on themselves.
New :-)
It's amazing what a couple of wimmen can accomplish.

Golly, with over 1000 registered names, you'd think somebody would pick up the techie slack!

Now, on with our regularly scheduled programming...

New But, hey....
....some of us are women and techie, too. Thus, the law of "all" does not really apply. Still, the dynamics of the commentary are understood and appreciated.

New Didn't say you weren't . . .
. . but that "too" cuts two ways.
New Wish you would chime in more often :-)
You definitely bridge the gap here, girlfriend!
New So you're saying women are illogical?
New Not at all . . . .
. . though they most certainly can be.

Or they can be very logical based on some alternative presumptive structure.

The hard core logic addicted tend to become uncomfortable when conversation drifts into fuzzy territory. Tech talk is a reliable refuge from this sort of discomfort.
New We're the softer side of tech
and that's a good thang :-)

Some peeps just cain't handle it.

Oh well...

(oops...meant to reply to Bio)
Expand Edited by imqwerky Oct. 21, 2007, 12:51:00 PM EDT
New You speaketh the truth
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                             Didn't say you weren't . . . - (Andrew Grygus)
                             Wish you would chime in more often :-) - (imqwerky)
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                             Not at all . . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (2)
                                 We're the softer side of tech - (imqwerky)
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