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New Dunno about iceweasel
But if you put the Flash stuff into the system plugins directory it will run for everyone.

Also, IMO you should reconsider Ubuntu over Etch. It's much better from an end-user perspective.

-scott anderson

"Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson..."
New Well, I had a big problem installing ubuntu
it simply would not install grub into the root partition, insisting on installing it in the mbr. If I told it to install into the root partition, it would fail terminally at that point in the install. I don't want grub to manage that stuff; I've used LVM from OS/2 for many years and it works fine for booting linux systems as well as the other systems I've had on the machine, plus the good times with the dynamic repartitioning under OS/2 sans booting, which is sweet to say the least.

I pretty much have this set up to the point where it's equivalent to ubuntu, and it seems to use the same package stuff (ie- synaptic), so I'm not sure what I get out of using ubuntu rather than etch.

Also, is there some way I can put ubuntu on top of etch or some such? I'd rather not have to repeat the work I've already done on setting this up.... seeing as I actually have Something That Works.
New You need to use ubuntu's "alternate" install disk then.
It has much more flexibility to do installs, vs the "liveCD/Install" disk.
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New Well, I'm kinda wondering what the point is
Etch is on and working just fine; I've been trying to get E17 to go but compilation of one of the libaries is cacking out; looks like a syntax error of some kind: it's bitching about an unexpected semi-colon, which indicates to me that there's an undeclared variable or some such a little further up the food chain. I might try running easy_e17.sh again sometime today to see if it's been fixed.

I've got all the stuff I need, and both Apt and Synaptic are doing fine as far as getting and installing anything I want. Only thing is it would be nice to be able to shoot people in the head, but the video hardware in this machine sucks, so it's not like I've got lots of opportunities in Windows to do that either.

One thing that would be nice is if there was a fs driver for OS/2's version of JFS, so I could access the data on those partitions, either to move them into my debian system, or to just mount them somewhere and use them as is.

Considering how positive Etch has been, I'm actually considering moving my primary system to it, and dramatically shrinking both the Warp and Windows installs so as to have a shared partition among all of them, but doing most of my stuff from Etch. I need to look for a good VM app; I could run warp in it and get access to a couple of Cannot Live Without programs (TrueSpectra is the ultimate program for eighties flavoured graphics for making band posters, imho), but by and large most of the stuff I do is working far better in Etch than it has in Warp for quite a while, and lets me keep the stench of Windows out of my nostrils.
New VM app
VMWare Server works pretty good on both i386 and amd64 versions of Etch. It's also free as in beer for Linux. You do need to register to get the unlock key. Unlike VMWare Player, Server can create new VMs at will.
New Well, I do like Free Beer
So i think I'll go check that out....
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