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New I'm taking the plunge
I've got the ubuntu install, and am getting the debian netinst install. I've got 20 GB set aside for it. One or the other is going on.

And yeah, I've got my ecs cd too, so I can fix it if I have to:) Ubuntu is pesky about writing the mbr without necessarily popping up the option... in short, I'm starting my second install attempt as soon as I get the Debian netinst CD.

I think a high priority will be putting my moz profile on a partition that can be seen by both. OTOH, the fact that it's been completely invisible to the linux installs so far (it's on a jfs partition, ubuntu wouldn't mount it) is probably not a completely bad thing.

Full kudos to the ubuntu install for figuring out all the hardware on the laptop and activating all of it, though. Nice.

Bleah, back at it. Later.
New Quick question
How do I tell the debian installer to use my wireless nic? I haven't been able to find an option to permit me to enter the network key and SSID to activate the wireless....
New About the MBR
After installing Etch, take a look at /etc/kernel-img.conf. If does not contain "do_bootloader=no", then the next kernel security update will silently install LILO over the MBR, regardless of what you have there now.
New It's in there
I just had a peek, and I guess the new installer already figured that out. Which is good news.

Getting my wireless card going was a bit of an adventure. It uses the ipw-2200 package, but all I had to do eventually was download the firmware files and put them in /lib/firmware. I thought I was going to half to compile the drivers at first, but I caught a note in the how-to about how the latest kernels already have the drivers compiled in, and took a shot at putting in the firmware only and voila, it started working.

Any comments on using evolution vs. downloading Thunderbird? I also gotta figure out migrating (or even better, sharing) my moz and thunderbird profiles between my OS/2 system and the linux system on this laptop....
New T-Bird here
I did use Evolution for about a year (v1.0.5 ?) until it started crashing under load and became unusable. The only fix was to update to the version in unstable, but that required an upgrade of the entire Gnome kit'n'kaboodle. I dumped it at that point.

T-Bird has had issues with the index as a mail file grows large (>600 MB), but that seems to have been sorted. I've always been able to recover from this situation.
New They have a version of t-bird in the distro
it's called icedove. It seems they have issues with the trademarking of the terms firefox and thunderbird, and so have renamed it so as to avoid the unfreeness of those terms.

Before I fire it up, I'm going to look at copying my thunderbird profile to my home directory, so I can just start up where I left off.

I'm currently making enlightenment. I've got all the libraries etc made and installed, and am making the main app now. After that, it's make install and hopefully I'll be able to check it out....
New FF/TB naming and Enlightenment
AFAIK, the issue with Firefox and T-Bird is that the logos are trademarked. Those are what Debian considers non-free. However, the Mozilla group requires that the logo be distributed as well if you want to use the name. Debian refused to budge and renamed the programs instead.

Enlightenment is pre-packaged. 'apt-get install enlightenment' will do the trick.
New Yep.
The package is only for E16, which I've already got in, but I'd like to try E17....
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I could be totally wrong.
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