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New their peppered bacon isnt too high end
I did find their selection of salmon leaves a lot to be desired. They are extremely fond of their bakery and relabelled organics but a few items in their salt diet selections taste good and are reasonable.
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New I check out the one in Glendale now and then.
Generally I'm looking for something specific and exotic, but they rarely have much exotic stuff.

I got some fresh lamb sausages there once that was reasonably priced. Sometimes they have some good Spanish sausages but I can order those from the factory, pay shipping and still have them for 1/3 less. Next day too - the factory's just down in Harbor City.

Strangely, they often don't have that signature yuppie green - arugula, and I was needing some that was good looking for a photo. One day they did have the biggest, best looking arugula I'd ever seen and I bought a bunch. I didn't bother photoing it because it was absolutely the worst arugula I'd ever encountered, course in texture and totally deficient in taste. Yuk!
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             I check out the one in Glendale now and then. - (Andrew Grygus)
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