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New SQL Server Equivalents
Just curious as to what you think is lacking. I'm guessing "ease of administration" tools.

-scott anderson

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New I assume it's issues with add-ons.
E.g. Some business requires a particular tool that is only supported when it talks to SQL Server.

Just my guess, though.

New Boxed vertical market software, I wot.
They're the bits there's no replacement for.

I have a badly organised desk drawer that's more than a match for SQL Server itself.

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New Well, sort of boxed.
Believe it or not a lot of packages, even ones with national distribution, still come as a CD tucked in the pocket of a loose leaf manual binder - just like in the old days of CP/M-80 (but it was a floppy back then).
New Ease of administration is irrelevant.
So is actual functionality of the engine.

What is important is the software house will only support it on SQL Server, or on the Windows version of some other database.

Since all specialty software has flaws and quirks it's a bad business decision not to follow the vendor's recommendations to the letter. If a problem comes up they'll grasp the first straw they see and refuse support.
New I know what it's lacking.
Standardised SQL.

It's not a problem unique to MS SQL Server, unfortunately, as *all* the database engines have their unique variant of SQL - Oracle, Sybase, even MySQL and PostGresQL. Some have fewer extensions than others, mind you, but few OTS applications are capable of talking to 'any' SQL backend: they are almost always coded to talk to a specific one. It's a bit like the home computer BASIC wars writ large.


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                         I assume it's issues with add-ons. - (Another Scott)
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                             Well, sort of boxed. - (Andrew Grygus)
                         Ease of administration is irrelevant. - (Andrew Grygus)
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